I placed a entry today, For a HP Computer giveaway! I want to be the first to say, IF I WIN!!! I will be giving something away myself. but i will not say what it is, I will only say it will be good 😀 Some lucky Blog Reader/Commenter will win something nice. (I Will release what it will be IF i win this contest) Why do i say that? Well Because i need your help! I need everyone who has 5 Min’s help! The Entry’s are going to be posted to a blog, And the entry with the most comments wins! Now NO i do not want you to spam your comments all over my post, BUT i do want you to go and comment At least Once, and It has to be more then 5 sentences, So “Nice” Would not be acceptable lol. It is not yet up on the blog, but the SECOND i am notified it is up, i will come to my blog and post the link. So PLEASE help me out, I only have until December 10th, So it is important that we get this going. Thanks

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