This blog,, i have had for over a year. I post to it regularly, I have over 200 Posts, and Over 14,000 followers… I wanted to move it up to a Bigger Blog… One that i will host, On my own Domain. But i dont want to close this blog, Because it is such a big part of my life… So As of Tomorrow, I should have a new blog installed and up and running. Over at And i will within a few months get a Forum started, On that domain aswell. I will not be closing this blog, I may do something with it… But i will not close it, Because even IF i were to stop using it, I wouldn’t want all my posts to be gone. So, AS OF NOW i will still be posting to this blog Regularly, But i will also be posting to the new one at, So start directing your attention over there within the next few days, It will forward strait to This blog until i get the new one set up, So if it brings you back here, you know it isnt yet setup. thanks

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  1. Yay! You moved your blog to a hosted domain. Nice! =) Thanks for the inspiration for me to do the same. Have fun!

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