Today i was passed a link inside of Second Life, To see some kind of Open […]
What? You came to hear me bash on Foxx? Eh, If the comments below are true, […]
New little segment ive started up, Douche bag of the day! Today’s Douche bag of the […]
lol, Back in December, My friend Emp was supposed to load a Forum on my site, […]
Before i get started in this post… I will say i have appalled for a position […]
I placed a entry today, For a HP Computer giveaway! I want to be the first […]
This is copied directly from the Forum: Raising prices the way you guys intend to, Is […]
Zombie has apparently taken our entire conversation and passed it out to the entire Teen Grid, […]
Months ago, when i first Got Oakland, It was the plan to tell everyone that i […]
Im sure you can tell, i haven’t been blogging recently, After the ban, I was Unbanned […]