apparently, they are advertising out the BUTT! Here is a list of sites i have blocked, […]
As some of you have noticed, HughesNet is aparently making a KILLING off scamming everyone, and […]
Found a page someone had posted about hughes net, Interesting, and VERY True. So i figured […]
Hughes Net Advertises on WORDPRESS!!!! to make them auto Ping back: Want to see what […]
I placed a entry today, For a HP Computer giveaway! I want to be the first […]
I need a few things, And im sure SOMEONE out there will be willing to help […]
In my new forum announced yesterday, I have added a new category im sure EVERYONE will […]
Omg, Ive been waiting on this for MONTHS!!! Its finally here! My forum is up and […]
Hughes Net the lieing bastards that they are has opened a whole new way for their […]
Back home again, On Dialup, Again… I hate dialup.  Verizon Lies, They said they would have […]