Ive had my Rivian for just over 9 months now, and for the most part it […]
It’s already been a month since I picked up my Rivian, and we are already 2,000 […]
Today’s post is more of a what’s on my mind sort of thing. (That’s basically the […]
I definitely haven’t been everywhere, but I do enjoy my fair share of traveling and visiting […]
Today Ford announced a price increase of nearly $9,000 on the 2023 Lightning, as well as […]
Today I was given the opportunity to get a little inside information on the ordering process […]
In December 2020 my grandma passed away, and to say the last year and 4 months […]
We sure have came a long way.. I got my first car in 2009, it was […]
UPDATE: This link now only works for solar orders. The Vehicle referral program has ended, and […]
Today I had the opportunity to rent a Chevrolet Tahoe, because my car is currently in […]