UPDATE: This link now only works for solar orders. The Vehicle referral program has ended, and […]
lol. Wow. Go to log in today, and my account is disabled. Im not allowed to […]
I placed a entry today, For a HP Computer giveaway! I want to be the first […]
I always said if i got back in High Speed, I would start the Live Stream […]
This has been a long time waiting, I made a awesome video last night, went to […]
Over the past few days, Theres been alot of crap going on, With my dad, and […]
Wow, So much goes on, One day good things happen, one day bad… So here goes, […]
OK, So i think ill start a new topic! Job… Anyways, I got a call today, […]
I dont rem. if i blogged on this, However, Sunday I called my mom to remind […]
Sprint internet is Very Slow… its not that Hot, Its Faster than Dialup, But the Peak […]