I purchased this item with a lot of hesitation from the previous reviews.. I have to […]
After Fire fox’s little glitch, where the History wouldn’t clear, I HAD to do something… So decided to give Google Chrome another shot. […]
I found this on the web, It was a B!tch to get, but here it is, […]
I placed a entry today, For a HP Computer giveaway! I want to be the first […]
The Nokia 6555 i have been using for a few months now, Is messing up like […]
Lol, Just when i though Apple couldn’t get any stupider.. They have decided they will no longer sell […]
(Currently Listening to “Its Been a While” by: Stained) Hello everyone, i have been away from […]
I was looking on ebay yesterday, and i found that iPhones are selling like Hamburgers! Apparently […]
As you know, i am going camping this weekend, Or maybe i am… Im still trying […]
In my idea to start selling unlocked iPhones, I went to ebay to look and see […]