Today i was passed a link inside of Second Life, To see some kind of Open […]
Second Life offered the Host it your self Server a few months ago. And you can […]
This guy rented 1/4th of an island i was purchasing, However had a few money issues […]
First off, lemme say: Im not complaining, Im not ranting, im simply posting chat logs. Because […]
Lol, This guy bought my land for 1L$ and tried to resell it for L$4,000. SO […]
My friend, Malifico bade, Who at the time of doing the good deed, was known as […]
New little segment ive started up, Douche bag of the day! Today’s Douche bag of the […]
lol, Back in December, My friend Emp was supposed to load a Forum on my site, […]
I went to the blog just now, to discover that Linden Labs has acquired XStreetSL AND […]
no not just for me, For EVERYONE. For the past week, Second Life has been having […]