Who Is MatthewSerta?
Matthewserta is one of the many Aliases I use to identify as online. It was actually one of my very first, and One that likely would have stuck had it not ran into complications with YouTube.

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I have several aliases I go by Those are:
mattballew < Derrived from my real name..
Overload < From MTA Roleplay MTA
Matthew Ello < came from Valhalla MTA
SonofMarvin < My newest YouTube Channel, and Second Life name

Of all those names, Why MatthewSerta.com?
The idea of owning this domain wasn’t actually my choice. Back when I ran a YouTube channel called MatthewSerta I had a couple of full time trolls (Full time because they couldn’t have had a job). They originally registered matthewserta.com in order to put up photoshopped pictures of me to try and trigger me? After their first year expired on the domain I registered it out from under them and have had it since. Just to sort of prevent any future nonsense.. I also manage a lot of email addresses tied to this domain, so its more logical for me to keep it as of now.
Although I have owned sonofmarvin.com I no longer do, It didn’t seem useful to maintain two domains for basically the same thing. This site after all, doesn’t get much traffic.

What happened with Matthewserta that made you switch on YouTube?
MatthewSerta was my very first YouTube channel. I knew basically nothing about YouTube and their rules, and I was merely a teenager. After several copyright complaints I was barred from running any ads on my videos, and after getting as many views as i was getting at the time, I was seeing a huge loss in possible income. It was at that point that I decided to try and convince my then 300 subscribers to move to my new channel.
Although I am sure more than half of those did not move over, To date I have 2,000+ subscribers on my new channel, and am maximizing on potential ad revenue. Hindsight It was a great choice.

So what is the point of this domain?
Most of the use on this domain is personal. Hidden file storage, Email accounts, etc.. Publicly though this site holds my Personal Blog, Where you can read by clicking the Blogroll button at the top. While you are here please visit the about me page, where you will find several of my online ventures that may reward you with free accounts online 🙂

What’s a Snoff?
Snoff is the name people would call me that didn’t notice the capitalization of the O in SonOf. It sort’ve stuck as a nickname in Second Life.