In 2020 I was on the search for a new Alarm company. Our then alarm system […]
Take GTFO and replace O with A A= Away. Go The F Away! If you like […]
My friend has been going threw a series of Collage Pranks, for the past few days. […]
I placed a entry today, For a HP Computer giveaway! I want to be the first […]
This has been a long time waiting, I made a awesome video last night, went to […]
Ill go ahead and tell you now.. I was Undecided until today, But today i chose, […]
Been bored, Laying around playing on the computer and stuff, lol. I have been going Bear […]
Yes, All is well again, I went yesterday to visit with Emily and Ketlyn and all, […]
Few things going on, Went to the eye doc today, and My eyes both were reportedly […]
As if i don’t cover this enough! We Finally GOT the Apartment, We decided that we […]