Thanks to all of you, Who sent in the letters like i requested, I haven’t yet […]
After the Yes, no, Maybe, Possibly, NO battle with my Moving Situation, I think it is […]
Im getting tired of this. Butt Shh… Bad house… Its getting on my nerves! My mom […]
Today im trying something new, I am typing my WrodPress Blogs in Microsoft Works, Because I […]
Here is another Top List Submitted by a community member at large who goes by the […]
As Mentioned in the last Post, Due to Chris Pirillo doing SO many of these Top […]
All hope may not be over on my whole living situation! We have been talking about […]
Just when i got my hopes up, that there might be a crazy Chance that i […]
As some of you know, In October of 2007 We moved out in the middle of […]