We went and looked at the apartment today, it wasnt quite what we expected, And surrounded […]
Yes yes, i will be moving soon, We have already scheduled the power to be on […]
We were approved for the apartment! The guy was supposed to move out Friday, And Saturday. […]
We received a call, From the apartments that are the cheep ones. And the lady said […]
There has been a delay on the whole moving thing… May be more than a month […]
I received word today, Dosent matter about the apartment we’ve been waiting on, No more than […]
I got a call, From a lady, Who said she had some Town Homes For Rent, […]
So i posted a notice on Skype about it, I am DEFINITELY Moving now which is […]
Well, We have began to look at houses and apartments again, My mom has decided on […]
As of now… It has Changed AGAIN!! As of Midnight Last Night, We weren’t moving, And […]