As some of you know, In October of 2007 We moved out in the middle of nowhere, Where only 2 types of internet were aval… Dial up, And HughesNet satellite Internet. I started out on Satellite, and I have may comments about how that blew… and am currently on Dialup, I even tried for Mobile broadband, But you need cell phone service to get that…

For the past few months, Of living in what i call “The Dead Zone” I have about a Nightly Dream of us Moving somewhere else, And me actually Having Internet. I Wake up and am pissed, Because it isnt true. lol. But My only source of internet is at my dads, Where he on a High Speed Cable Connection.

I quit School in 2006, In Feburary. And it wasnt much longer than that, I registered for Second Life. From then until October of 2007 i LIVED in that game… Everything was about and in that game, I owned a total of 3 Private Islands during this time, Valued at $1,675.00 Each! and was forced to sell in October.

Tonight, On my 18th Birthday, Me and my mom were talking, About this apartment we had a LONG time ago, How it was Fairly new, Really Nice, Was within high Speed Internet Range, And it was PERFECT, only problem was it was expensive. But now she makes less, So the rent would be cheaper, So She agreed, To look in to getting another apartment, To our Knowledge there are 2, 2 Bed Room Apartments Open, So this will be awsome!

I will be back on SL, and back to the Live Stream, maybe something else? Dont know yet, lol. But i cant wait, although this Is not official yet, We are going to try, and i do have her almost talked in to moving, So im ready for this! But before i get madder than ever! Someone pinch me so i can make sure im not dreaming again… lol.

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