Today im trying something new, I am typing my WrodPress Blogs in Microsoft Works, Because I have noted the word correction to work better, than the one on Firefox, On Works it automatically changes the words for you, Instead of telling you its just wrong… Anyways, I have been looking to see witch internet will be good for me… Heres my situation.

As You Know im moving soon, And I cant decide witch of the 2 internet companies I want to choose from. As you may know, I have a 10Mbps Internet connection at my dads, And I cant afford to run 2 of those, So its either Pull the internet form his house, and put it in my new one, Or just go with DSL. Here are my comparisons.

Lately, For the past 2 days, I have been having Issues with my cable, Until now, No problems. It has that Speed Shafeing”?” that chris was talking about… When you try to use it, It goes out. Last night My Router had crashed, I don’t know why, anyways I bypassed the router and got online directly threw the modem, After about an hour of use, The INTERNET crashed. It was out for a good 20 min, The the router was fine, It worked ALL night Last night, until about 8AM this morning, Then it went out again, I went to bed, When I got up several hours later, it was STILL out, I tried to bypass the router again, but to find that the Internet was Too Out, I don’t understand why Both where out, But you know how you can go to to access the router? Well that didn’t work, So I knew it was out too… I don’t want cable if is going to have down time…

ALSO cable is a Shared internet connection, And even though im paying for that 10Mbps, I may not get 5 because of the neighbors using theirs, And problem is, Im moving to an Apartment complex, So 9 out of 10 of my Nabors use Cable… Now I have lived here before, And I didn’t have a BIG problem with the internet, All except for the part, of I suppose there were just too many people on it, so it had a Bit of a Lagg loading a page, and sometimes, Still does it today actually, It Sometimes doesn’t even try to load the page, It imminently goes Cannot be found.
Now this isn’t just a bash the Cable Company post, because they are some Up’s to getting Cable over DSL. Cable has a larger Upload rate, Witch would be perfect for the Live Stream. And im Almost Cretin there is NO threshold limit.

As to where with Verizon DSL, I cant seem to find anything about Unlimited OR a Threshold in their TOS, But im sure when I start pushing out close to a Gig a day, They aren’t going to be happy, however when I had cable, I had a live stream almost 24/7 and no problems what so ever…

However a Plus to getting DSL is it is a Dedicated Connection, and I would be getting ALL 3Mbps that I am paying for, And no one could take that away from me. Plus DSL would have a Faster response time for my game, Second Life.
So Really the only problem im having is, If DSL is going to boot me for a Threshold limit, Then I am totally going cable, However, On the other hand, if they don’t care, then ill go DSL. I may even try to see if the 6Mbps DSL is out yet. That would be much better speeds than trying to deal with 3.

About the internet speeds, Its not about how much Down and Up Speeds you can get, Its how much you can pull in and push out at one time, Because anything over 384k is well enough for high speed surfing, However when you do a Live Video Stream, I high Bandwidth Game, Live XM Internet Radio, As well as, Surfing the web, Not to mention hosting 2-3 Computers at one time… Maybe Bandwidth is where I need to go, Not Dedication.

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