Just when i got my hopes up, that there might be a crazy Chance that i would be moving to a Good Internet range, i wake up today, Mention it to my mom, She has totally changed her mind form last night… She said shes not able to move, and she likes it up here.

This threw me in to a world of pissed off i cant even BEGIN to describe! I tried to explain to her, that we would be better off moving, She said her self, in our last apartment we never had to run the heat because the ppl below us always ran theirs, And At our current house she dosent know when the heat is going to run out here… Maybe she will think on it some more, But as of now, Dosent look like its goign any where.

If she does decide to NOT move, I will be moving just as soon as i get a job And i know that would hurt her Financially but i have no other choice… I lived 2 years Online, and i cant just stop like that…

UPDATE: We have been talking a little more about it, Her main reasons for not wanting to move is the apartment has no yard for her to work in, and that she feels like she would have to be couped up in the apartment, Not to mention she couldnt take her dog. Ive tried appealing solutions to this problem, However she wants to find a place that meet her requirements, So this could take a while. But at least she is Looking to maybe move…

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