After the Yes, no, Maybe, Possibly, NO battle with my Moving Situation, I think it is finally at a end, Maybe.. I feel like my mom dosent want to move, But she WOULD if she had a good enough reason, The fact that were setting here in a Falling apart house Freezing To Death isn’t good enough for her! I have one Final idea.. I don’t suppose it could hurt, So heres my idea, Im asking all my friends to send in a letter to my mom, This isn’t just for my Teen Friends, But for ALL my friends, Even my new Adult Friends on Second Life. This letter, i would like to include Why you miss me on SL, Why it would be a great Idea i should move, Why you would be so happy that i could be on High Speed, Any more Dramatic Info… I think this may actually help in some part, And if i get ALOT of E-Mails about it, Then she will see what a live i have online, and i cant get to it.

This would be great, Even if you aren’t my friend… Because i don’t have Many friends that visit my blog on a regular basis, But Some do, and If you just want to help a poor Teen Ager, Send this E-mail in Please! to my address its My E-Mail Thanks Much! Love all you guys! and hope to be on High Speed and See you again soon!

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