Here is another Top List Submitted by a community member at large who goes by the handle, “Snoff” LOL. Any ways, stuck on the whole Chris Pirillo thing, I was on High Speed all day yesterday, and I watched him for a whole minuet. And listened to XM Satellite Radio all day… Lol. I wanted to put in a new Top Lost, As to Why the apartment is better than my current house…

The Apartment is WAY Newer, And feels like a comfortable environment.
Central Air and Heat…
Within range of  2-3 High Speed Internet Connection Choices.
The Rooms are Bigger in it, than our current HOUSE.
The Rent surprisingly will be CHEEPER!

BONUS TIP: Not really an important tip, But it Definitely is a BONUS, The Apartment has a Food Disposal built in the sink. Lol.

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