As Mentioned in the last Post, Due to Chris Pirillo doing SO many of these Top Lists, He has drove me to do my own… Here Is my Top… Something List of why I Want To Move, Rather… Why I hate my current house…

Reasons Why I Hate My Current House
No Internet
No Cellular Service
Wayy out in the middle of NOWHERE!!!!
Only Internet I can get is Slow as hell Dialup, Or Expensive as hell T1, lol
The bathroom Floor is rotting out and the Landlord refuses to fix it,
The water may be buggy, No Proof but that’s a Personal conclusion.
Costs too much to heat
My $4,000.00 Worth of Computers are USELESS here…
I Miss my Friends/Life Online

I could have easily came up with many more, But I wanted to stop there for a reason… Because Here is my Daily Routine.
Get Up
Try to Log On Dialup
Find Something to Eat, While Re Dialing Up
Get Back online, For 30 min until it drops again.
Try to call someone while online…….
RE Dialup
Finally MAYBE ill go somewhere…
Come home late, Try to get back on Dialup
Log Off and Go To Sleep

Do you know how much time I waste, Waiting on this stuff! Its so annoying, I cant talk to my friends on the Phone or the Net, All I have is Skype for IM, and half the time the Dialup laggs and that fails. Its terror able up here. I know my recent post may correspond to this post, In a way that sponsors pay for Chris’s House. But I in no way expect anyone to pay for me a house, Im just posting this to say… I sure am glad Im moving! These past 3 months have been hell…

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