Months ago, when i first Got Oakland, It was the plan to tell everyone that i had ordered it new… However about a month down the road, The seller had decided to come out with the REAL Story… I tried not to touch the subject much, It was just too much Bull to talk about… but now the story is out, and everyone is pointing the finger at me. Normally id be upset! But i just laugh, Because anyone who believes him, Are retards their selves. Him you ask? None other than Malifico Bade! Back when Ty was trying to sell Evolve, For some Crazy Reason, Zombie Pye wanted it, BUT he didn’t want it in his name? So he gave his money to the well known Scammer Malifico Bade! No offense, But how dumb was that? It wasnt but months later, Malifico had it in his mind, He was going to scam Zombie. He Tried to submit a Fake ID to take his account and the Island to the Main Grid. And would have got away if not had been for my friend, who wants to remain Nameless, Who reported Malifico for the Fake ID. SL Looked in to it, and BUSTED! Mal and the island was moved back to the Teen Grid. But mal wasn’t done… He did everything he could, To get the island transfered to me in the Main Grid. At the point of sell, The agreement was that i would pay him back with my profits, until i got 1,000.00 USD… OR i would have it transfered to his alt, His Alts kept getting banned, So he decided not to take that route. After reviewing the situation, I knew i was a RETARD for taking the island off him, But there was nothing i could do, I had to rent it, Or i wasn’t going to make tier, and well it went from there. Today after i have lost so much on Not making tier, I told it, And now Mal decides to run to Zombie telling his sob story on how part two of his scam dosent work… THATS NOT ALL! Your NEVER going to Believe this! Zombie, Wtf? Decides to DEFEND Mal! LOL! He already got scammed by him once, But he takes it upon himself to start Iming me, Threatening me, Placing all the blame on me, and that Mal was just my “Tool” This is so ridicule sly funny, Its not even real. It dosent seem real anyways.. So here are some Chat Logs with Zombie:

Aint it grand that he got the sim for no charge from Malifico? What a good friend. Sonof never had to pay him the $1000 back, though he did break his word on helping me recover.

That was my sim. It was hijacked from me the 27th of April. I lost $1000, USD on that sim, a year’s worth of honest work. Work, something an immature low-life like you will never be able to comprehend. Honesty, something that a faggot like you is incapable of.

I know I’m not going to get my payment. I frankly don’t care any more. You’re scum. At least Mal eventually came forth with the truth.

You will never amount to anything. All you’re capable of doing is freeloading and thievery.

I’d suggest you watch your back, because if it’s not me chewing on it, karma will.

Me? I was shaken, destroyed, and distraught by the incident. Unlike what you would’ve done, I worked towards recovery. I’m not some spineless future 40-year-old-living-in-mom’s-basement-because-I’m-too-retarded-to-get-an-honest-job retard who makes a living off of stolen work and by bilking teens out of everything they work for. No, I made enough money to buy myself a new sim in a month, with the incredible support of nearly all the teen grid, which is more than a corporate faggot like you can ever say.

Sure, both of our says come from a virtual world. But mine’s still far more. And I don’t think you’ll want to get into real life credibility, because you will be outdone.

So this is an ode to you, Sonof. Live each day as if it were your last, because you don’t know when it will be.

Apparently not too destroyed, He already has a new sim… And here is our ending statement :

I don’t care about getting paid anymore. Corporate fucknuts like you care only about profits, no matter how unethical or low they have to stoop. Fait accompli: I lost 1000 USD, a year of work. I put my soul into that sim only to have it torn apart by a scammer and his tool.

Another fact of life: You will never amount to anything.

So, Sonof, goodbye. And go with this warning: you won’t get away so easily. Countless of people just like you have all met a similar end. Your time will come.

I think its funny how he tries to threaten me like this. But even more funny, how he still Trusts mal. lol. Mal was the one who did all this to him in the first place, but he still trusts him, Cuz thats his “Friend”. Hell with friends like that who need enemy’s? So anyways, I wanted to share this story with everyone, But its like i told Zombie, I had 2 Options, Pay mal back, or give him the sim back, and i couldn’t see letting the scammer get out that easy. And although my final decision wasn’t very smart on my part, It did help me. And i hate to say “Oh well, but it helped me”, But theres really nothing else i can do, Thank you Mal, Thank you Zombie, Im sorry for all your losses, Apparently your doing well now anyways, and im Very sorry you still trust mal, maybe one day you will see..

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