What? You came to hear me bash on Foxx? Eh, If the comments below are true, i have no beef with him anymore… If u wanna read it, Ull have to go over to Kevin blog…

http://kevinoto.com/?p=28 Kevins origonal Post is here.

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  1. Hey Sonof; you only received a section of the log. I was contacting him to verify it was a legt item, since it was built by a different person than it was scripted, and also had a different tag than both of them would use. Plus, I am great friends with the scripter, and I know that the scripter wouldn’t openly and freely help Kevin. It was me simply making sure items on the region they were in, were legitimately owned.

    Your personal opinions of me mean less to me than a 3 year old’s opinion. You just show us all the TG has more mature people than the MG. I’ll be headed that way by the end of the year, so expect me to hit the market hard =). Oh, and the “omg foxx didnt gimme a refund” gag, is over. Cry more, please. When I get on the other side, I’ll send you 1K, and a brand-spankin new copy of an ad system. In the mean time, do something useful with your time besides bitching about how teens make you cry.

  2. Thx for your comment foxx… Ill be looking for that refund… If you want to provide me with a FULL Chat log, id be happy to get it… matt@snoffy.com No offense to anyone.. But we all know Kevin dosent seem to be all there…. and It just bothers me that it was coming off that u were picking on him…

  3. Kevin tends to read and accept what he wants out of the message, not the whole thing. He is very sensitive and takes literally everything as an insult. It wasn’t about me picking on him, because I wasn’t, just me simply investigating something before a renter of a particular island was evicted for the use of stolen content or something of that matter. If that is considered being picked on, then neither of you have any sense of what a bully really is.

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