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Raising prices the way you guys intend to, Is basically stabbing every single open space owner in the back. I am just curious as to how many you will be taking offline? Post that static! Formerly i owned 3 Open spaces, And yes i DID rent them, and yes ONE of them was being over used, Badly… But then i realized that there really wasn’t as much money as i thought in Open spaces, And all the work i did to try and keep them managed just wasn’t worth it… I have to Thank LL for allowing me to return all 3 Open spaces, for a Full Refund! I think the cutoff day for returning is 15, If any of you new owners want a easy way out… But i just couldn’t not believe what i was reading. You say you want them used Lightly… In meaning No homes, or stores, or whatever… I bet only like 5% Of Open spaces are used like they should be… But LL has the ability to Limit these open spaces, There WAS a Prim Limit, but they raised it, So what i don’t get is, If they are disabling the Payer Owner requests, and are working to make these more stable, then apparently they are taking things away, to make them better, In return they are going to charge US more for taking away…

Bottom Line, LL is a company out to make money. That was the intent of inventing SL, They want money, They don’t care about you, and they dont care about me. And they dont care what linden has to get cussed out over it, They want their money and they want it now… And they say they will be making these improvements, But we all know, the grid will run as laggy as it always has… They raised the prices on Regular Islands, To make more money, However they seen at that high they were not doing any good, so they change their servers, to cheaper servers, allowing them to lower the price to 1,000.00 Selling them more islands, making them more money, Not to mention each and every tier charge. Just like when they raised the tier from class 4 to class 5, There are STILL Class 4 islands out there, Not having any problems, Running as good, if not better than class 5’s and they pay less.

LL needs to focus more on its Community, rather than its wallet. I Understand its a Business, BUT, It has Millions of users, and could go down in an instant without them! I dont know about everyone else, But if i am treated like shit at house a, And loved at house b, I am going to live at house B, Even if i have over 300 Friends at House a, there are other means of communication… Skype, Phones, Yahoo IM… (Hope everyone caught that) More and more all i see are people Playing SL to make Money, There is hardly anyone playing just for fun, There are a few… but very few… I rem the good old days, when i logged on, played in the sandbox for hours, and meet ppl, And we just set around and talked. And how neat it was just to talk to people all around the world, and see what represented them, as their avatar, standing there, right in front of me.

Due to the amount of Islands on the Main Grid, new islands will fail… When i came in to island business, My intent was to make enough money for tier, and then if i made any profit it would go toward my home, I owned 1 Full Island, and 3 Open spaces, I barely made tier the 1st month on the Main island, and i had too much invested to just loose it all, because i couldn’t pay tier, I started then to try and sell. I did not sell until month 3, I only got 600 – the transfer fee, For it, When i paid 1,000.00, I lost Out of Pocket for 2 months tier, The last month i didn’t even try to rent it, I just made one big A** House! Everyone needs to realize this is a game, Its JUST a Game.. LL needs to realize that Price Gouging is not the way to turn, And definitely not against your users, just because you want more money…

I can gladly say, Once i lost so much on SL, my past 3 years of playing, didn’t seem to matter any more, I see what a Money Racket SL Really was… And i stopped playing. thanks to SLExchange or XStreetSL, I still make money occasionally, And that is the ONLY reason i log in, Is because i make 1 l here and 5 l there… More and more every day i believe, that one day, SL will Fall Threw, and will just Go Offline, and everything, that everyone has, will just be gone, and all that money will be gone as well!

But i also found this post interesting aswell

This whole notion that there are too many prims, too many avatars, etc. is irrelevant. Yes, it may cause the individual server hosting the open space sim to use a little more cpu clocks, adding to the electric bill for LL, but that’s it. The idea that it has anything to do with asset server requests is fundamentally flawed:

– the sim itself does not have much to communicate with an asset server unless there is an AVATAR involved, and avatars are controlled by people. Thus, asset server issues result from high concurrency, and have little to do with WHERE those avatars are.

Now obviously this is not entirely true. An avatar in sparsely developed sim won’t require nearly as much bandwidth as an avatar in a sim with 15k prims and lots of other avatars… Each avatar has a lot more data to download in that case! The question of how much content an avatar will download depends on where they are. To insist that an open space sim loaded with 3,500 prims will cause too much asset server load is ridiculous, because if that SAME avatar were standing in a full sim with 15,000 prims, they would be making 4x as many asset server requests! In that sense, open space sims REDUCE overall asset server load!

The avatar is there because they are interested in the sim’s content. If the content is not there, the avatar will not be there either, they will instead be somewhere else where there is content.

The open space sim is a good product, obviously, as the demand for it has been over the top. The “expanded” space is a brilliant for the small SL business whose monthly pull doesn’t quite allow for a decent profit margin on a full sim, but doesn’t want to hassle with the ridiculous nuisance of neighbors on unregulated mainland. The price is appropriate, considering the pro of added space and control vs. the con of scripts running at about 10% of the speed of a full sim. If you want to improve the product, that is great, go for it, but don’t destroy the market in the process!

What is contained in this post isn’t hard to realize, it is only logical. Jack could you please, then, tell us the real reason for this price change?

But ONE MORE! Caught my eye

[8:20] MarkByron Falta: Linden’s themed space sim at Mons Aimsly was convereted to a full sim yesterday
[8:20] Harmony Linden: Actually, that was always a full region, it just had Openspace prim limits.

[8:21] Selena Lowell: a full sim that had openspace prim limits showing in about land? …….hahaahahah……….I just spewed my coffeee out

Mos Ainsley is (was) an Open Space Sim LL owns which has now been converted to a full sim. It was an OS which holds thier space station…all but 637 prims had been used and a shipload of scripts.

Funny how they suddenly now say it was *always a full prim region* but only showed as an OS…and NOW…WOW…..its suddenly a FULL PRIM SIM!………

me thinks LL is backpeddling fast and furious on thier own guilt of so called OS abuse.

Yeah… Thanks for your service LL 😀

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