Im sure you can tell, i haven’t been blogging recently, After the ban, I was Unbanned 1 day later, So it wasn’t a big deal. I Still have my island, and thats where i have been when online, I still haven’t quite made tier for it yet, But thats ok, Because im close enough 😀 I dont really have alot of time anymore to blog, I just get busy doing other things, And i haven’t been online much recently, because so many people have been borrowing my computer. My step moms computer recently blew, What i be leave was a Chair Reaction of a few things… I knew she had a virus, And This virus was working her Hard Drive overtime, ALL the time, which caused the hard drive to crash, Apparently it crashing, and working all the time wasn’t good on the Motherboard, And it blew, So we have a Crashed Hard Drive, Blew motherboard, And a nasty virus on the Hard drive, It wouldn’t be worth fixing in my opinion. So, I have moved my powerhouse computer from home, To let them use, For a few days, I am still planned to move, or find out about moving on the 1st, So on that day, The computer and Internet will go. I don’t have a camera anymore, so no YouTube videos… I have been doing very FEW videos on my Cell Phone, and i got a little footage of Tenn. So i will try to get that posted as i find a way to get it online :p. I have a few videos i have been making with Hyper cam, But im not too impressed with that, so don’t know if those will get posted. So theres a small update, Not really much going on yet, Just waiting to move.. Dealing with a few things, Nothing worth talking about… lol. More blogging to come :p

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