Today i was passed a link inside of Second Life, To see some kind of Open Letter to LL… and i just laughed at it… Its somewhat of a petition im assuming, and they are wanting signatures. Apparently they have gotten 230+ signatures, but that’s out of how many million players? lol.
I will tell you a bit about it…. Here i have quoted the first few lines form the 1 page letter.

A few years ago an idea and a dream of a virtual world where every adult could be free to be who they want and to create what they want was made: Your World, Your Imagination

Not everything was perfect, or stable, but it was Our World, Our Imagination apart from the childish games and epeen of other virtual worlds. It was a place where adults got to play dress up, RP and socialize with others of like minded interests. Somewhere we could try to be the next Calvin Klein, Sony, Mercedes, or any countless other famous or infamous business leaders, companies or artists. It was a virtual world where the adults of the world can dream and play free from the grind and daily hassles of everyday life.

Somewhere along the way Linden Lab, You Forgot This.

Read that… And think to your self… WHATTTTT lol. Heres the deal… SL, LL are not taking OUT Adult content, So you sickos who want to have sex with “Role Playing Children” can still do it! just not in an area where its not allowed!!! There are 3 classes now, PG, Mature, And Adult! Its not hard to figure out where you gotta go to do that stuff….

The stupid thing is, No matter what LL does, theres always going to be someone to complain! But theres always someone to go against them in complaining! The “Open Letter” in question is posted on this persons Open Wiki site… Where if i added my comments, they could simply remove them! So to finalize this, I will NOT be signing your petition, nor do i encourage anyone to do so.

as a Closing comment, Where this person says

-Almost none of us want to see Linden Lab fail and Second Life and the grid close down.

LL will never close down, Because there are millions of people inside LL, and they will always make a Profit, And if we study the lab, All they care to do, is make money…. If anyone was going to quit, they would have when they banned gambling! so i say to you, Sit down, Shut up, and enjoy it, or GET OUT!

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