New little segment ive started up, Douche bag of the day! Today’s Douche bag of the day is Switch Spectre. Switch Open Sourced his items back in December of 2007, and when i transferred to the Main Grid in Feb of 2008 i placed his items on XStreet SL, Because they were really nice, and i had full permissions on them… I didnt charge much for them… So i didn’t figure it would matter. Today Switch TP’s on my island, beside me… And here are our chat logs!

[12:40] Sonof Marvin: now i gotta find the sales history…
[12:41] Sonof Marvin: ok so i only sold about 5 Axioms
[12:41] Switch Spectre: DMCA requires that you pay 3x the amount derived from sale
[12:41] Sonof Marvin: no big deal, I can refund them, and give them a full perms one… If tahts what u want
[12:41] Switch Spectre: (to me, rather)
[12:41] Switch Spectre: and 100% of any residuals.
[12:41] Sonof Marvin: ah
[12:43] Sonof Marvin: i cant figure out where to find the names of ppl that purchased it…
[12:43] Sonof Marvin: Do u no?
[12:43] Switch Spectre: No.
[12:44] Sonof Marvin: ah here we go, But i cant sort it to only those items, so ill ahve to export it and go threw it manually…
[12:46] Switch Spectre: and you never took any part in owning unreal.
[12:46] Sonof Marvin: Hrmm, Oh well, I guess ill get on it :p,
[12:46] Sonof Marvin: So?
[12:46] Switch Spectre: you are “advertising”
[12:46] Switch Spectre: that you did in your about information.
[12:46] Switch Spectre: that’s pretty low.
[12:47] Switch Spectre: especially when nobody here gives a fuck.
[12:47] Switch Spectre: but that’s how you always were, on the teen grid
[12:47] Switch Spectre: now, you claim to have sold my axiom many times
[12:47] Sonof Marvin: Lol, I kidna did, Plus my friend owns it… So he could always say i helped own it or something…
[12:47] Switch Spectre: I need 300% of all sales on that.
[12:47] Switch Spectre: No
[12:47] Switch Spectre: you never owned unreal.
[12:47] Switch Spectre: and unreal has been dissolved.
[12:47] Switch Spectre: either way.
[12:47] Switch Spectre: nobody knows who you are, and nobody gives a shit.
[12:48] Switch Spectre: so why lie to people who don’t care?
[12:48] Sonof Marvin: lol, Whatever…
[12:48] Sonof Marvin: I dont appreciate you coming on MY island, Harssing me…
[12:48] Switch Spectre: Well, gladly report me.
[12:49] Switch Spectre: I will be filing the claim first thing tomorrow morning, should I not see damages in my account by that time.
[12:49] Switch Spectre: Any report that you file against me, will actually mostlikely expedite my claim.
[12:49] Sonof Marvin: waht u wan 300% of what i sold?
[12:49] Sonof Marvin: How is that fair?
[12:49] Switch Spectre: It is the law.
[12:49] Switch Spectre: Nobody said it was fair.
[12:49] Sonof Marvin: law for wich state…
[12:49] Switch Spectre: The United States.
[12:49] Sonof Marvin: Too bad i live in canada
[12:49] Sonof Marvin: lol
[12:50] Switch Spectre: Well, that’s funny.
[12:50] Switch Spectre: The Digital Millenium Copyright Act applies to Canada also.
[12:50] Switch Spectre: and even moreso, Canada is most certainly an extraditional country.
[12:50] Sonof Marvin: na just playin, Well i made a total of 200, SO do you want 600?
[12:50] Switch Spectre: In accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, yes.
[12:50] Switch Spectre: along with the residuals on that renter
[12:50] Sonof Marvin: The what now?
[12:50] Switch Spectre: the renter took commission?
[12:51] Sonof Marvin: I didnt sell any of those
[12:51] Switch Spectre: I am entitled to 100% of that
[12:51] Sonof Marvin: i only sold one of the full ones
[12:51] Switch Spectre: ok
[12:51] Switch Spectre: how much are those?
[12:51] Sonof Marvin: 100
[12:51] Switch Spectre: I saw 150 on the site.
[12:51] Switch Spectre: when I took the screenshot
[12:51] Sonof Marvin: i amde 100 off the Axioms, and 100 off the renters
[12:51] Switch Spectre: ok
[12:51] Sonof Marvin: 150?
[12:51] Switch Spectre: so for each axiom sold
[12:51] Switch Spectre: I need 300 L$
[12:51] Sonof Marvin: no no, the axioms i sold for 20 Each
[12:52] Sonof Marvin: made a total of 100
[12:52] Sonof Marvin: off them
[12:52] Switch Spectre: what made you think you could sell someone elses property?
[12:52] Sonof Marvin: What made u think it was a good diea to open source it?
[12:52] Sonof Marvin: I eamn, Wasnt u quitting?
[12:52] Switch Spectre: I didn’t ask that.
[12:52] Switch Spectre: Doesn’t matter.
[12:52] Sonof Marvin: Ppl wanted your stuff still
[12:52] Switch Spectre: What made you think you can sell my property?
[12:53] Sonof Marvin: so you want 3X what i made, wich is 200 total
[12:53] Switch Spectre: well, if you made 100 on the axiom
[12:53] Switch Spectre: that is 300 L$
[12:53] Sonof Marvin: so you would get 600
[12:53] Switch Spectre: and 150 on the renter, is 450L$
[12:53] Sonof Marvin: ok 750?
[12:53] Switch Spectre: yes.
[12:53] Sonof Marvin: now get out my hair
[12:54] Sonof Marvin: 😀
[12:54] Switch Spectre: you never did know how to manage an island.
[12:54] Sonof Marvin: th
[12:54] Sonof Marvin: x

Yes i did pay him, Because id rather not have to deal with a DMCA Report.. Never had one, And i dont want one… Switch could have been less of an “Ass Hole” about the whole situation, but what more could you expect from a little rich kid, that expects everything to go his way at all times… I did ban him from All regions, as well as reported him for Harassment… But now my question is… Do i leave comments open or not…. Because who Dosent Google their name… I do all the time, So i wanna see whats posted about me 😀
One thing you can trust from the Snoffy blog, is Pure Facts. this is the Actual Chat log, No editing, no spell checking, Nothing! What is your take on it readers?

P.S. Just want to say Thanks to all the blog readers! Jan traffic topped out at 8636 Unique Visits

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  1. Conversation with My friend in World, He made these comments :p, I do believe i am right on this one :p

    [13:20] Paper2 Clip just wants to rant a min
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: lo
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: 60 Seconds
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: boom
    [13:20] Paper2 Clip: he Open soursed?
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: 59
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: 58
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: 57
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: yes
    [13:20] Paper2 Clip: wich gives you full rights to it
    [13:20] Sonof Marvin: yep
    [13:20] Paper2 Clip: im gona fuck sell lots
    [13:21] Barbara Ferguson is Online
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: 😀
    [13:21] Paper2 Clip: HE WONT GET A PENNY I TELL YOO
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: lol
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: i already paid him
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: 750
    [13:21] Paper2 Clip: why
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: to get him off my back
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: didnt want a DMCA
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: Emp said it was BS, and that i didnt owe him anything
    [13:21] Sonof Marvin: but i wanted opinions
    [13:21] Anusha Launay is Offline
    [13:22] Paper2 Clip: coppy right law..also says if you give some one permition to give it away coppy right law isnt technicly in order…as he has given over 1000 people the right to give away or RE-sell
    [13:22] Paper2 Clip: or remake
    [13:22] Sonof Marvin: yep
    [13:22] Sonof Marvin: your right

  2. [14:43] Switch Spectre: because so many people want to read some north carolinian loser’s blog
    [14:44] Switch Spectre: lmao
    [14:44] Switch Spectre: and emp/paper2 don’t know shit about copyright law.
    [14:44] Switch Spectre: the only douchebag here is yo.
    [14:44] Switch Spectre: because you had to cry and blog about it
    [14:44] Switch Spectre: and, any report against me, btw
    [14:44] Switch Spectre: will now have that nice little link in it
    [14:45] Switch Spectre: which I have also screenshotted
    [14:45] Switch Spectre: therefore invalid
    [14:45] Switch Spectre: gg.
    [14:45] Switch Spectre is Offline

    Lol, Switch is funny… He must not have read the TOS, Cuz legally, I CAN Post chat logs on my website about him :D. And for 8,000 Views in January, I guess a lot of ppl like to read my blog… 😀 As of now i have muted him, due to repeated harassment…

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