Before i get started in this post… I will say i have appalled for a position at linden labs, 2 times now… With over 3 years of Experience under my belt, I KNEW i was in… Apparently that was not the case. In the past 3 years, I have been banned twice. Once was for a Copy Bot experiment i tried, and my “Friend” reported me (Then he wonders why i returned the favor for him?) And recently this past week, i was banned because Lindens apparently cannot read! Stella Linden had my account placed on Hold, Because she “thought” i was sharing my account with a teen Grid resident. Just Surfing around, I found this list… Of Employees at LL, and nowhere do i see a Stella Linden.. LL is pretty good about keeping those things up to date.. She dosent even show in the Former Employees, interesting… If she dosent show up, She isnt an employee, Which would not explain why i was banned a separate offense for abusing support.. But if she dosent work there, how can i abuse her? I told her “If you halfway read this ticket, This would have never happened” How is that abusing on a second note? So i made my point… I do NOT like Stella Linden… But while i was banned, my friend Emporer Spitteler was caught up in this aswell. He was the Accused Teen Gridd’r of logging in my account (By Stella Linden) He contacted his “Good Buddy” Plexus Linden and was unbanned in 5 Minuets! Where is the fairness in that. Still to this date (3 Days later) my tickets have not received a response. Granted i am Unbanned… But no response. I am Unbanned because my time was served. When Emp told me he was unbanned, by talking to Plexus, he told me (Over the Phone) That plexus said “They wanted to make sure I (Me) wasn’t Hacking Him (emp) Or something… ” How could Plexus Release any kind of info like that to him anyways? Now granted i do not have chat loggs, Or anything to back up, but what i heard directly from Emp. That reminded me of this post i seen the other day on Plexus… Linden labs needs to review its Employees. I was Interrogated by Scout Linden as well in this ban process, Scout is Concierge, Not Governance. Me and Scout are cool tho, He may have been doing it in a joking way, As Friends, but at the time he didn’t seem to be.. And i feel he impacted me being unbanned sooner than expected… (One day Suspension) I cant get a job in LL if i tried, and the crap that works there now is unbelievable (Stella Linden) Insted of admitting her mistake, She requests a second ban for “Abusing Support” Because i corrected her wrong? Cmo’n now… I hesitated at posting this, But I did some research today, and found MANY people who are not happy with LL Support, and i figured one more story would only help… I dont agree with their pricing, And i don’t agree with their “support team”.

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