no not just for me, For EVERYONE. For the past week, Second Life has been having some Epic Failure moments. L$ transactions freeze up, Asset server stops all together, and logins go down. You cant teleport, ALL YOU CAN DO is Chat.. i set in the Concierge Information group for EVER chatting… Because i cant do anything else… and this isnt a HUGE issue for me… But if you keep in mind, i have 2 islands, And if people cant get to those islands, to rent them, Or if their there and cant click buy, That hurts me! That means i cant pay my tier. But what happens if i don’t pay my tier? LL takes my island down… Where is the fairness in that? I think LL should give us a 3.5 day refund for the past week, On tier. Thats $34.41 per island. and $11.08 Per Homestead. This may not seem like a lot. but right there is 45.00 in Discounts for me! That would help Dramatically for tier… And the reason i say 3.5 is because it has not been COMPLETELY down for the past week, just most of the time. So i figured that for half… But the other part of the grid being down that bothers me, Is while there are issues, hiccups, or Downtime, The Concierge Department will not transfer islands… Meaning i have to wait, until the grid is stable, before they will transfer the island i am in the process of buying.. And the 3rd island that i plan on buying that i haven’t picked out yet… But, we all know… SL will never refund everyone, Nor will they provide discounts on tier..


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  1. I totally agree….when we are down it does cost us, however. If you don’t pay for the time that you aren’t able to actually access and use the area…NO REFUNDS..

    Well hopefully all this will be taken care of in short order and things get back to normal…

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