I went to the blog just now, to discover that Linden Labs has acquired XStreetSL AND OnRez. It is apparent that they plan to Use XStreetSL as their main site, and will shut down OnRez. ( LL Aquires XStreetSL ) I am glad to see LL is Wasting money on stuff like this, rather than REAL issues! Their gird hasn’t ran stable for the past week, but their going to go and Buy out 2 major privately owned companies within Second Life. Although i still have no word on how much they paid for these sites, The People at OnRez prob should have shot a little higher than they got… To be shut down.. My plans to start a page like XStreetSL, (Started back in November) are still on! I am still aiming for April as a expected in Beta date, i am sure LL will try to stop me on making competition for them, But ironically i have already gotten this approved by them. Who Knows, Maybe they will offer to buy me out in a few years! Although the deal with me will not be as easy to go threw 😀  Keep up with the Blog for my new page status!

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