Second Life offered the Host it your self Server a few months ago. And you can run SL behind a Firewall, to use inside a Business such as a school or whatever… Great idea! But they call it a ‘Beta’… Aren’t Beta’s supposed to be free? Yeah no…

I submitted a ticket to get in this “beta”. A week later they want my Cell Phone number to Verify some “Details”. They never called, A week later… I get this response, Followed by a closed and locked ticket.

29/4/2009 8:27 AM PDT Requested Information CSRBetsy McMullin

Hi Matthew,

The general cost of the Standalone Second Life product is $65,000. This price includes license, equipment and support for one year.

You are able to run four regions on this box and have the ability to swap regions in and out with an admin tool.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


lol, Yeah right!

Whats funny, Is this has NO PURPOSE!! its a Beta.. You can not connect it to the Live Grid, You cant even get it online for you and your friends. Its a Inside network thing only… Total Waste… I may could do 65,000 L$ but we were talking US $ Yeah, Whatever!

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