First off, lemme say: Im not complaining, Im not ranting, im simply posting chat logs. Because LEGALLY I CAN! Read ti, Get what you want from it… But this is important info in the Concierge Info Group. Here ya go :p

[21:49]  Patnad Babii: if you pay more then 5000$ a month of tier you get better treatment… like no time transfer.. this is why others have to wait so long….
[21:49]  Zecksnine Dejavu: that’s a big order
[21:49]  Sonof Marvin: lol Careful Sunrunner they will tell you it will be cheaper to buy form the land store :p
[21:49]  Drapeta Berry: what sort of sims, and what sort of pice are you looking for
[21:49]  Alexandra Fallon: I don’t pay 5k
[21:49]  Sunrunner Homewood: 🙂 lol
[21:49]  Patnad Babii: maybe the one you bought it from then
[21:50]  Sonof Marvin: lol i just went from paying 1,000 to like now i only pay around 580
[21:50]  Alexandra Fallon: I sold it..and he only owned one when he bought this one.
[21:50]  Alliez Mysterio: Where did you read that please tell us all
[21:50]  Sonof Marvin: Feel a lot better with only 580
[21:50]  Patnad Babii: live chat…
[21:51]  Santo Kanto: Just pay for enterprise support and your xfers will go through much quicker 😛
[21:51]  Honest Forager: what isthat support 2Okusd
[21:51]  Honest Forager: i bet you crash just as quick with it :PP
[21:52]  Santo Kanto: You bet Honest 😛
[21:54]  Patnad Babii: you get “extended support” when you pay 5000$ or more per month.. witch give you transfer in less then a day
[21:54]  Sonof Marvin buys 30 more islands
[21:54]  Sonof Marvin: lol
[21:54]  Sonof Marvin: jk
[21:54]  Honest Forager: 5000 a month thats all 😛
[21:55]  Alliez Mysterio: Patnad where is that stated ?
[21:55]  Alliez Mysterio: Id like to read it
[21:55]  Honest Forager: you know me
[21:55]  Alliez Mysterio: 🙂
[21:55]  Alliez Mysterio: Or might it be rumor?????
[21:55]  Sonof Marvin: Alliez dosent beleive anything unless she reads it! lol. jp, Cant balme her tho…
[21:55]  Honest Forager: thinking how much i spend yeah i want to see it
[21:56]  Patnad Babii: its not written anywhere unfortunatly but its a concierge who told me its a relativly new policy he said..
[21:56]  Alliez Mysterio: Me too
[21:56]  Alliez Mysterio: Garbage
[21:56]  Alliez Mysterio: who is this concierge
[21:56]  Sonof Marvin laughts
[21:56]  Alliez Mysterio: Im sure we all would like to know
[21:57]  Alliez Mysterio: either tell or drop the subject please
[21:57]  Sonof Marvin: Laughs*
[21:58]  Sonof Marvin: i think he left
[21:58]  Sonof Marvin: lol
[21:58]  Patnad Babii: TJ linden told me
[21:58]  Honest Forager: lol
[21:58]  Patnad Babii: i cant paste chat log
[21:58]  Sonof Marvin: Do u have chat logs?
[21:59]  Sonof Marvin: Well no, you cant in SL… But you can on a external site, Perfectly Legally… SO. go post them :p, need somewhere to? Ill give u a page on my blog!
[21:59]  Talon DeCuir: I kknow someone who it takes the normal days for trasnfers – so I think not too
[21:59]  Patnad Babii: why its so important anyways just ask them yourself.. if you can’t believe me
[21:59]  Hailie Callisto: maybe he crashed
[21:59]  Alliez Mysterio: I hope so I dont care for ppl who spout off and have no idea of what they are speaking of
[21:59]  Honest Forager: yes allez i think alot of us spend over that a month in tiers
[21:59]  Sonof Marvin: :O
[21:59]  Honest Forager: wow talk about chat lag
[21:59]  Alliez Mysterio: Im sure we do
[22:00]  Xandi Mars: why needle someone the big scheme of things what does it matter?
[22:00]  Alliez Mysterio: well you can bet I will ask about this
[22:00]  Patnad Babii: no im here there is just insane lag in here
[22:00]  Xandi Mars: and who likes a  sl bully alliez
[22:00]  Alliez Mysterio: If not true all of us
[22:00]  Alliez Mysterio: Im a bully?
[22:00]  Patnad Babii:
[22:02]  Honest Forager: ty Patnad
[22:02]  Sonof Marvin: Interesting
[22:02]  Honest Forager: runs  to look at her  estate fees
[22:02]  Alliez Mysterio: me too
[22:02]  Foxy Petunia: wow must not be to many that can afford %K amonth or is there
[22:02]  Foxy Petunia: 5K
[22:02]  Sonof Marvin: Not to be a jerk, or to Piss anyone off… But TJ seems to not know what he is talking about here recently… He has been telling everyone false info, that turns out to be incorrect…
[22:03]  Patnad Babii: there is a few im pretty sure
[22:03]  Patnad Babii: well i have friends that get their transfer treated really fast…
[22:03]  Sonof Marvin: He told a friend of mine that transferring islands form The Teen Grid to the Main Grid or Vice Versa is perfectly legal, However it turned out not to be…
[22:03]  Patnad Babii: witch i think is not really fair but anyways..
[22:04]  Foxy Petunia: well I would say if they don’t know for sure what they are talking about or can’t get you something to back it, then they shouldn’t tell us that
[22:05]  Sonof Marvin: Thats normally the policy Foxy. Most of them stick to it…
[22:05]  Patnad Babii: it make the smaller wait longer and the bigger have a advantage over everyone..
[22:05]  Foxy Petunia: and I’m speaking of Lindens since they are suppose to know the rules
[22:05]  Honest Forager: as sad has it sounds that the way the world works real or SL
[22:06]  Alliez Mysterio: Something like this should have been announced
[22:06]  Sonof Marvin: I agree Alliez, thats why i feel it is more incorrect info
[22:07]  Foxy Petunia: If it is true
[22:07]  Patnad Babii: maybe he just said that to hide something else eheh
[22:07]  Alliez Mysterio: lol
[22:07]  Alliez Mysterio: maybe
[22:12]  Alliez Mysterio: Patnad I am sorry I said what I did to you
[22:12]  Alliez Mysterio: It is all true
[22:13]  Alliez Mysterio: has been in operation for a few weeks now
[22:16]  Maggie Linden: For the record, we do transfers as quickly as we can do them, generally speaking, based on the overall load of tickets that we have at any given time. If you need a transfer to take place after a certain day to account for tiers, please put that into your ticket so that we know, otherwise it could be done beforehand and it’d make a mess of the financials. 🙂
[22:17]  Maggie Linden: But we have a lot of different types of tickets to answer, so there’s an estimate given on how long they take based on load.
[22:17]  Sonof Marvin: But the big conflict, Is it true that if u pay 5k a month in USD in tier, you qualify for thie “Extended Support”?
[22:18]  Maggie Linden: How is that any different than getting access to LiveChat if you’re a Premium member, or access to the Concierge line if you own more than a certain amount of mainland? 🙂 It scales. It’s in soft launch right now while we make sure everything works right on the back end, but it’ll be announced officially when its ready. Think of it as a bit of a beta.
[22:19]  Maggie Linden: We’re working hard to bring ticket times down across the board. I’d think most of y’all would notice they’re faster for everyone lately, actually.
[22:19]  Sonof Marvin: oh yeah, a lot faster 😀
[22:20]  Maggie Linden: If it’s a problem, we can slow down again and work on other projects. 😛
[22:20]  halo Easterwood: hahahaa
[22:20]  Honest Forager: lol txs Maggie
[22:20]  halo Easterwood: opps wrong im
[22:20]  Maggie Linden plots to redecorate the mainland with new grass.
[22:20]  Sonof Marvin: lol nonono lol

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