Few things going on, Went to the eye doc today, and My eyes both were reportedly better, So thats good news, However, My right eye is bleeding now, and they said it needed Imminent attention, So i have to travel to Hendersonville on Thursday, Although,
after that i went to go get my permit, After waiting around for about an hour, So I did get that, And have been driving since. lol. I stop for a while to check online stuff, and island, and back on the road i go :p. So thats about all that.

Not Too worried about the surgery yet, Im sure i will be at the time it goes on, BUt at the moment its not too bad, At least i caught it early, as the doc said. And that means once the surgery is done, It should go away altogether.

Still no info for the apartment, So will keep you updated as i am updated.

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