Ill go ahead and tell you now.. I was Undecided until today, But today i chose, McCain… Unfortunately he didn’t win… And now i ask myself… Why… Why couldnt he have won? Maybe they are wrong, Can there be a re count… i know me and a few others NEVER made it to the Poll Booth… Although our state went for McCain, My vote really wouldn’t have mattered, but I still didn’t get to vote.. Mccain had a very nice speech, He was a very well looser, and if i had any say at all, I would put him in faster than you could ever blink… But now we have Obama, 4 years, 4 Long, Drug out, Horrifying years… Prepare yourself America, Or move to Canada…

Even though he won, im not going to let it rest, I will never forget, McCain Palin 2008, And what Could have been…

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