Chris Pirillo is very successful in this computer age, And for a while I have been watching his Live Stream, Wondering, What can he do, To make so much money? Because if you have seen his house… Id give anything to live in some place like that… And I may not have the degree to back it up, but im like Urber Smart in computers… But Either way, I just cant figure out what he DOES that gets him so much money, I know he has the, and prob a MILLION referrals, And he gets paid for his YouTube Videos, And Of course Sponsors… I have found the way to get sponsors, Is not to ask… They don’t like you when u ask…

But, I don’t need sponsors, Everything I do, Videos, Soon the Live Stream, Is all going to come out of pocket. And I can proudly say, I funded my own stuff, I didn’t take hand outs for it. No offence to anyone on that.

So any old way, This isn’t some kind of rant or anything, I just wanted some user input on it… Because, as much as I hate them, I have considered doing a Top List on why I want to move… And before I did, I wanted everyone to know, Im not copying Chris, But he did encourage me to do it… As well did he encourage me to use his word, That I LOVE “Ass Hat”

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