So i posted a notice on Skype about it, I am DEFINITELY Moving now which is good, I should be back on High Speed in no time, But im still undecided if i will get Cable or DSL, DSL has that Instant relay time, But its not got a LOT of bandwidth, On Cable you have A LOT of bandwidth, but the relay time is slower. Also i may have some trouble getting cable, Not going to go in to all that detail, but i may have an issue with getting the Cable Turned on, Anyways, Were working on getting this Apartment, But im not sure if we will get it, Its the ONLY one at this complex. We are looking at other apartments as well, But have our minds set on this one, Its Cheeper, and within a perfect area. Will keep you all updated as time goes by, But were looking at at least 1 month before we will move, i should know more by the first of the month.

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