Well, We have began to look at houses and apartments again, My mom has decided on her own to move this time, because the landlords will not do anything, This house is falling in, and they don’t care. So Hopefully i will be back in HIGH SPEED!!! Stay tuned to my blog for an update.

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  1. When you get a new house, make sure you take a video of it and post it here. We know what your car looks like now, and it looks more like a jeep or a blazer to me, but that’s just me. Or a jimmy.

    Keep posting your videos here too, because some of us don’t like going to youtube.

    Also, one last thing: Are you planning on making an iPhone: The Unboxing video? If so, when can we expect it? iPhones look sexy.

  2. lol oh yes ill do a unboxing of my I phone, :p yes ill do more videos, and thx for your input on the posting videos here, that not only helps my regular viewers, but Also gets more traffic on Google.

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