We were approved for the apartment! The guy was supposed to move out Friday, And Saturday. They said they would be calling us Monday and Telling us how much it would cost up front, and Let us see it! Im almost cretin we are getting it Monday. Tomorrow… So i should be on High Speed 24/7 now. Ofcourse providing time to sleep… But at least ill have my big Powerhouse computer back online. May Start up some kind of stream or something soon. But i will not have internet at my dads if i move… And thus meaning they will have to get some! lol. i do plan to go to dads every weekend still…

Speaking of internet, Still playing for internet on my iPhone, Dosent seem to be going anywhere at the moment, but if my dad dosent add it to my phone i will be going and prepaying it. Because memorial weekend we are going camping and i cannot stand NO internet! lol

ALSO we got our Carowinds tickets. So we will be doing that soon. AND i may be getting some money from Amazon soon. SO ill prob go get my camera! 😀

Life is good… Today anyways… lol.

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