I have come to realize, Second Life is VERY Addicting. I have tried. Not hard but […]
Being this island Hasnt been on the map but a week, its hard for me to […]
Furry Platu, When you hear the name you think a REALLY NICE area. Green, Trees, and […]
Evolve Island Recently went threw a ReDesign, After only 1/3rd of it rented out, The new […]
As you may have seen in my blog i have posted MANY reviews about Hulahoop Island. […]
Looked at the New Grizzly 700 FI, im SOOO getting one, Tell me its too hot, […]
Last Night, It hit me… It was then that i realized, That i  have messed up. […]
I currently manage EVOLVE, and ONLY Evolve. I may some day join in at Hulahoop, And […]