as some of you know, I found this fag on Myspace named Chris Crocker. and at first it was amusing watching his stupid videos, but after a while they got old. I cant help the fact that he acuses everyone of wanting attention, Where as i see it, He is the one wanting attention. He recently made a video named “Leave Britney Alone!” in responce to her preformace at the VMA’s. Now to give you a background on  Chris he Posts ATLEAST 2 videos a day. Ever since this Britney video, He has been on the News. doing interviews, even on MTV. But you will notice. he has STOPPED MAKING VIDEOS. in turn means only one thing. he use all of his “Fans” on Youtube and Myspace tto get popular, then when Leave britney alone hit the TV he was screw you, im goin to hollywood. But im going to laugh once this dies down, and chris is forgotten… He thinks hes got it big, but soon he will find out…
And i knwo this is WAYY off topic but i had to Rant about it, cuz i am starting to dislike chris MUCH!!

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