Furry Platu, When you hear the name you think a REALLY NICE area. Green, Trees, and of course those usual vender’s. However you do not see this on the new sim of theirs. They decided to change it up a bit, A complete Water sim, Docks, buildings, and a small mountain that is Snow. Im here to say Change is good! This sim was designed from some of the best designers one being my good friend and former designer Nicelus Borrelly otherwise known as Nice Less, ha ha. But like i said Real nice sim. I couldn’t find much wrong with it, But one major problem, Its a nice sim and all, but if i cant get to it to see it. Thats a problem. It Recently seems to be off line most of the time, and once its online, you cant TP to it. So whats a person to do? I dont know weather to call this Foul Play or just bad Management. But maybe we will know in the days to come.  This is why i give FP a 4 out of 5.

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