As you may have seen in my blog i have posted MANY reviews about Hulahoop Island. However i have decided to delete them all, and make ONE that tells it all. Hulahoop Island by no means is ran by Professions. Sparkles Runo, The owner has bad a VERY BAD choice by letting her Brother Odyssy Runo Run the sim. Within no time the sim failed. He Barely Made his monthly tier. Then once tier was paid, He clears the sim for redesign, Refunding no one, and telling no one. So ALOT of renters were just scammed. Odyssy wanting to turn the sim in to a giant Combat sandbox, Sparkels FINALLY put her foot down and said NO! but her new design isnt all that hot either. Giving Hulahoop a Well Deserved  1 Out of 5.

Reviewed By Sonof Marvin.

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  1. That’s not how it went at all! So here is the real summary, Sparkles Runo my sister was running the island before not me. The newest design was all me and her ideas together. SHE redid the island (Hulahoop) on my account. That is also how I lost 100k… I was away from SL for awhile, then when i came back she told me everything and I tried to fix things but everyone still blames me for her mistakes. When i came back was when i released my gadget. (Hulahoop Gadget) I used the gadget to try and get Hulahoop’s reputation fixed but we still have people like this who think they know the whole story. For future reference i would suggest talking to one of us (Sparkles or Odyssy) before taking a review. Isnt that what reporters are supposed to do anyways? (NOTE: I have my account back to myself! I chanfe my password every week.) =]

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