I need a few things, And im sure SOMEONE out there will be willing to help 😀 i need 2 things, And i want to get this Class Action Lawsuit aginst Hughes net started.

I need :

1. A Manager, Someone who can manage this entire case, and get the lawsuit started, That person can contact me here.

2. I need EVERYONE who wants in on this, To comment below, be sure to use your REAL E-Mail address in the e-mail fill in box, so i can contact you when you are needed.

We will get something out of Hughesnet.

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  1. Man if you get a suit going i’m all in. I have been with it for three years and i’m tired of this crap.
    I can now get wireless dsl for half the price and twice the speed with no FAP.

  2. Oh please if you get a Class Action Suit going ad me! Absolute total rip off, scam, damage property, no tech support…and on and on and on……

  3. Hughes.net Complaints – Crappy service

    Company information:
    United States

    They are the worst ever, had them for 5 years and have had to buy something new EVERY YEAR that cost about $1000, “Oh sorry your warranty just ran out”, two years it was a new modem once a new transmitter, was suppose to be a 2 watt, but the installer put in a 1 watt, what a fiasco trying to get that resolved. The installers they send out are just a bunch of bumblef@@ks.(Pardon my french, but its true.) One tech wanted to increase the wire size between the dish and my modem so the web pages could download faster on a bigger wire. Silly me, I fell for it, cost me $600 and I had to pay the tech in cash,for 60 feet of bigger coax, he didn’t give me a receipt. You probably know more than they do, like calling India for customer service, oh did I say customer service?? It does NOT exist in this company. Have consistently gotten DL speeds of less than 60KBPS, for the last 3 months. For $100 a month, we have gotten slower speeds than a dial up modem “oh, we are working with it, no we don’t have authority to switch you to a different transponder, no we don’t have authority to switch to to a different satellite” I am about four crappy speed tests from going back to dial-up, it is definitely about ten times faster than hughesnet crappy service. Five years of frustration is just about enough. We had STARBAND for four years before this, they were as bad or even worse. I would LOVE to find someone who would sue the hell out of them. NO they are NOT getting a cancellation fee out of me, our time limit is satisfied.
    If satellite is your only choice, stay with your dial-up service.
    Want to sue ’em, e-mail me sirkinceo@yahoo.com
    PLEASE DON’T BUY HUGHES< Everything bad that has been said about them in previous posts it TRUE.
    (Update, just ordered dial up service and a modem, will be canceling them this week.)

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