Normally when i start a blog post, I say, Not much has been going on lol.  But It has 😀 For a change… We went to Carowinds again, But before the IKE hit, And had fun. I was dealing with allergies so i had a head ache almost

Yes Jimmy Neutron got me 😀 anyways we just went for one day, Which was perfect, Much better than staying 3 days. But we have already planned our next trip back, So Here we come October. Considering a 2009 Season Pass, I hear there’s going to be a new ride, But i dont ride anyways, :p. I dono, ill prob get another one. But there’s whats been going on. Mostly.

My Step Brother’s Half Brother, (What does that make him to me? (Nothing?)) Anyways, He just joined up the Fire Dept. as a First Responder, So its kinda cool listening to him respond to things, and now i have started carrying my scanner again, So i can hear :p. Fun fun Fun 😀   Maybe one day i will get in to that 😀

AND i have been looking at cars. I have narrowed it down to one of 2, Either a Somewhat Loaded 1996 Ford Crown Victoria LX. OR the one im leaning towards a 1996 Cadillac De ville. Fully Loaded, So who knows what i will go with lol. anyways will prob post pics of whichever i decide on, Later :p

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