Lol. Copy botting is wrong, apparently… I was banned for 7 days from Second Life for Copy Botting! Dumb move with an island and all, But… Anyways, This morning, 24 Hours after i sent in my appeal ticket, They have unsuspended me, but threatned to terminate me if i am ever cought for copy botting again, lol. SO needless to say i have removed the copybot from my computer, And any thing associated with it! But, Anyways, now that im unbanned what now?

Well i Leave for vacation tomorrow, and for this, i will be buying another Verizon Broadband card, You know the story behind this… but i hope to keep it this time, For Verizon is offering HIGH Speed. They Finally upgraded my Entire area to High speed, and as well as the area we are going on our trip to, So that will work perfect for me 😀

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  1. lol yea SL is cool, I have a island in it, a $1,000.00 Investment, So yea its kinda hard to get locked out. A copy bot is a program that will Illegally steal items inside the game.

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