Sprint internet is Very Slow… its not that Hot, Its Faster than Dialup, But the Peak speeds are at 128K, But anyways, With Verizon Mobile Broadband i could get 1.6Mbps or higher, In the SAME area, Now because i can get more speed there… I should just switch… But Verizon isn’t Unlimited, They told me at Sprint, That in May i should see a speed increase, But i just dont know if i want to pay $60.00 a month for these 2 months that its not that great…   Unlimited wasnt the ONLY reason i went to Sprint, In their TOS they clearly state that they promote Streaming of Video and Audio, However Verizon Strongly Prohibits it, That could explain the speed difference… but thats kinda ridicules…

AND, Verizon didn’t have ANY reception at my house…  However Sprint works… SO maybe ill give it a chance.. I dono. Comment and lemme know what u think…

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