Recently i was talking about ordering the Verizon Mobile Broadband Internet, It was FAST but it had the limts that i didnt like, Today i signed up for a Sprint Mobile Broadband Card, And The Unlimited internet access is Awesome, but the Speeds are not so, 70KBPS Down, 80KBPS Up, As to with Verizon i had 1.6MBPS Down and 900Kbps Up. Speeds are not something to be proud of… However It MAY be because the city im in is well known for its Slow internet, So Maybe when i get back home, It will be faster, And i will be sure to leave a follow up comment once i have found out.Thx

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  1. I have used Verizon’s mobile broadband in Las Vegas this month and have experienced the slow speeds you describe getting from Sprint- in fact, I was contemplating switching to Sprint because of the slowness. I guess it all depends on where you are receiving the service. Perhaps Verizon is just better than Sprint in your area, and perhaps Sprint will be faster than Verizon in Las Vegas.

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