I dont rem. if i blogged on this, However, Sunday I called my mom to remind her i was coming home that day. She tells me she had a “Date” and that she was spending the night with her mom, So i couldn’t come home… All my friends agreed with me, When I got upset…

Yesterday, She went to see him AGAIN… And then Today, He had to go to school, So she couldn’t see home today… We were at her brothers house today, Till About 11PM, On the way home she asked me to use My Cellphone, On Witch I Pay The bill for… It was my choice to let her, Or not to… I told her no… She has her own phone. Its her fault her Phone was dead, I told her “He” could wait until we get home. She Got mad and called me a “Dumb Ass Hole”. First i felt like she was basically Forgetting about me, To go be with some Man… Now shes Cussing me over him… She dosent understand that i am feeling Abandoned and Not wanted here, She just calls me Jealous. It may be a little jealousy, But at the same time, I AM feeling abandoned.
When she finally called him, I listened in, And he sounds Drunk, Talking off the wall, slurring Speech, Randomly switching topics… So i say, Oh Great! Another Drunk!!!

“I want you to come fly my plane… No not that plane! The one on the computer, (High Pitched) Its SOO Funn!!” << He has Flight Simulator!

Yea… Another Drunk…

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  1. Listen, no offense, but you said you were 17 or 18, I can’t remember which, but that’s old enough to move out on your own. I agree, it’s not right for her to cuss you out and insult you for not giving your phone to her. There’s no reason you should be jealous though. She’s your mother, not your girlfriend. She’s not going to not date men just because she’s a single mother.

    I don’t mean to offend you in any way, it just caught my attention and I’m trying to help out. If he’s older than 21 and living in the U.S, it’s his right to be drunk, and for you to say that he’s not a good person because he was drunk the time you saw him isn’t a good reason to call him a drunk. I know first impressions mean a lot, but he may not be drunk all the time, and only the time you saw him.

  2. well, I do appreciate your Input. However, First impressions DO mean alot.. Let me set a scene for you… He has to breathe in a breathalyser in his truck before it will even start… Yea hes a drunk. Friends of him say he is sober Monday and Tuesday, Because he has to drive to School on Tuesday, lol. But again, i DO appreciate your input.

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