My first day on Main Grid… Today, at first, Midnight, it was lonely, a few ppl came from TG to see me. It kinda felt like being in jail. And ppl could come see me, But i couldn’t see them…  But as the day progressed, a few more friends came, One bought land in MG, So were hanging out on that… We have already made plans on renting a void sim, for a private hangout. Someone from the MG read my last blog post, and Imed me In World, Welcoming me, telling me it wasn’t that bad, lol. I was shocked that someone actually IMed Me, lol. I have already applied at IDP to be a tringo host, That will be fun, for a while. So maybe Main Grid will not be that bad. But if you regularly read my blog, You will know i don’t have High Speed at home, So i will not be on SL until Prob next week, Unless i move before then, and thats unlikely. So Oh well, try it for a day, and move on. lol.

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