So if your Following the whole HughesNet Story, This will prob not come as a shocker to you, I called support again, Day before yesterday, I was having Speed issues untill 3AM unlike Normal. I Explained to the guy that i knew what they were doing, I knew it was planned, And i wasnt stupid. The Guy insisted that he had no idea what i was talking about. He tried balmeing my computer, saying that it is causing my Internet to run slow, This at this point is pissing me off, He tells me to restart my computer, (I had already restarted it with him on the phone 5 Min Ago) When did, and it came back on, Wow my speeds were back to normal. I knew at this point he was controlling it… he asked me to run a Speed test every 2 hours for the next day, I informed him i was leaving Thursday (Yesterday) and that i would be able to do it. He called me Today and left a voicemail, saying that He has confiremd that it is not his issue, it is my computers, and that i shouldnt be so quick to blame their systems.

 Funny part is, I Also told him about my friend in Minn. Having the SAME Problems, at the SAME times. He said nothing about that…

On to deal with Them and their shit….  But for now, Untill Monday, im at my dads, on a 10 MBPS Cable Connection 🙂

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  1. I gave up on calling. I got a few excuses and now they’re just circulating. “Peak times. Wait a few hours.” “ethernet cable.” “your computer.” COME ON! Seriously. It’s not my computer. They’re blaming half of their users computers?
    Either they’re limiting the speeds, or it’s the weather, but that wouldn’t explain it in other places like yours. In Michigan it’s blizzarding every now and then in the winter, but in north carolina like where you’re at, I hear you don’t get much snow.

    Funny how they put you on hold or ignore your statements like that. They need a better support line. Perhaps someone you can understand.

  2. Their problem is quite simple, they don’t have the bandwidth for the number of subscribers that they have. That’s why the speed picks up in the middle of the night.

  3. SuperDave160,

    I find that explanation to be a load of dung.

    How can you explain that *EVERY* day at the *SAME EXACT TIMES* it gets capped at 17kBps.

    What’s more, this goes on from 4PM to 12AM (midnight) EST! That’s EIGHT(8) hours! Surely the bandwidth hogging fucks would be FAP’d way before 12AM? 4:00:00.00 is exactly when it slows down. Not a second too soon, or too late. Unless half of the hughesnet customers computers’ are zombified into a botnet that automatically goes on and off at those hours, the only explanation possible is limitation. Caps.

    Now, on their website somewhere, it said 500-600kbps capped during peak hours. 17kBps translates roughly to 136 kbps! They’re about 364 kilobits per second off during peak hours!

    Now onto the other subject: Incompetent support line.

    Explain that. Anyone that tells you to turn your ethernet cable around is a moron, plain and simple. If it’s a cable, has the same connectors on each end, and reaches from the PC to the router/modem, and it transmits data, IT’S FINE!

    And by the way; Each time they blame your hardware. Your hardware works great until 4:00:00.00 PM EST. After that it’s automagically crapola until midnight? Right.

    I wouldn’t mind talking to the support line if they knew what they were doing or if they could understand English, or even speak it at least. Each time I called, I was transferred a crapload of times, ran through the same tests with each person, and eventually nothing happened. There was even one guy who unplugged his HN7000S for SIX (6) hours. Guess what happened when he turned it back on? FAP! He’d downloaded 400MB while the modem was off? I think NOT!

    Hughesnet is randomly adding crap to the usage statistics to make it look like a legal FAP so they have enough bandwidth for the people that are lucky enough to not have their name pulled out of the FAP-Hat!

  4. I’m a good ole redneck from north Mississippi and I’m getting the same crap from 4:00 PM till midnite.
    That Indian tried to tell be it was my Norton Virus Protection that was the problem
    File a complaint online with the Maryland Consumer Protection Agency

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