From what i hear, This is a great program, and i have panned to buy it, I have been told i can do 5 Peoples taxes with it, However in the product Description it dosent mention that, I havent managed to find anything on a limit to how many E-Files you can do. And its kind of wrong of them to sell this product without telling anyone about it. But, Today i found out that there is also a Fee for E-Fileing State, its $15.00, and being im paying for the software (About 40.00) shouldnt that include that? Sounds to me like Turbo Tax has alot of Hidden Fee’s and things your going to run in to during the process… However Reguardless of this, I am still planning to try it. And if i run in to any more problems, I will be glad to post to my blog. Feel Free to RSS or Subscribe to my blog for more updates on this. Either way, Previous Custiomers seem very satisfiyed With Turbo Tax, So this year i will try it. and if im not happy, You beeter know ill tell you about it. lol. But, If your new to my blog, Dont think im a Critic, and i Critisize everything, bacuse im a very giving person, But HughesNet Disurved its bashing it gets on a daily basis here…. Anyways Thanks for Reading!

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