Recently I had Sprint PCS, And For the most part was satisfiyed, But when We had Sprint, We didnt have a Home Phone, and so we had ALOT of Minuets in our Monthly Plan, When we moved to a No Service airea we were paying $160.00 a month for Basically nothing, And being Christmas was coming up, I decided to cancel my sprint account. Just before christmas i decided i couldnt live any longer without a Cell Phone but i just couldnt afford to get another Monthly service, So i tried to get a PrePaid, I tried Vergin Mobile, It turned out worse than it seemed, It too was about $80.00 a month for the Phone, Texting, and so on. I decided that PrePaid wasnt for me. At the end of my rope i couldnt get another Monthly plan, because im not willing to pay that much a month.  Lucally, Between Me, My step mom, And a Lot of talking, my dad added me to his Plan, Putting his total Phones on One paln to 5 lol. So now i will be going to AT&T, And we Setteled on $20.00 a month, So its well worth it. So I will be posting my new numebr to my friends, Friends Only, lol (Prob in a Skype Confrence) Just so u guys know. Anyways Thanks, and Bye

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