As you know, i am going camping this weekend, Or maybe i am… Im still trying to get used to the idea of staying outside and all.. lol. But also im going have trouble getting away from my electronics. And as you know, This time, i will have a iPhone! which is a big issue! lol. Now Last year when we went, I didn’t have any big issues with being away form electronics because i had JUST got my new Sprint phone, and it had Internet access on it. So i was able to stay up to date with Mobile Internet. But over this past year i have came more involved with the internet such as chatting with friends, and my websites and all. iPhones are the PERFECT way to stay up to date with all that with the PDA Functions and all. But here lies a problem… My dad REFUSES to add internet to my phone, Even though i would be paying for it, He is trying to prove a point, The point it, I don’t get Internet until i get a job… Even though i have income, Even though i will be able to pay for it, Even though i have NEVER been late on a payment on my phone… EVEN THOUGH i bought a iPhone with CASH MONEY, its not like i don’t have the money, And thats what pisses me off.. Hes being retarded and mean to me to prove a point. So point is, I can pay him 15 dollars a month for internet on my iPhone, OR i can go buy a Prepaid Sim Card, and Prepay internet a grand total of 30.00 for the First Month of just Internet, Plus the inconvenience of keeping up with 2 sim cards… A huge hassle… I dont even know if ill buy the internet, I don’t know what ill do to keep in touch, Maybe ill borrow my moms phone.. Even SHE has internet…

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